employee terms

  1. The employee is required to serve a probationary period of six months From the date of this agreement the confirmation will be automatic at the expiration of the probationary period unless the board extends the period of probation in terms of Clause extend the probationary period for such period as the board may deem fit or terminate the employee services without notice during the probationary period.
  2. There are no leaves during probation period
  3. During probation period the company can terminate you on immediate basis. Your dues (subject to reason of termination) If any will be cleared within 45 days from your last working day.
  4.  your services are liable to be transferred or assigned to any department or section all division of the organisation anywhere in India and or any office or any associate concern of the organisation.
  5.  attendance will be considered strictly as per biometric report and any delay in regularisation of attendance will not be considered as per policy.
  6. If any employee quits without serving notice period approved by the manager, it will be considered as absconding and his or her salary will be waived off and adjusted against the notice period.
  7.  If any employee found misbehaving, stealing or doing illegal activities, his or her employment will be terminated with immediate effect and any pending dues will be considered null and void.
  8. Any employee who has given company laptop or any other position will handover immediately in case of termination or resignation from his or her side holding of any company property over 24 hours will probably be prone to criminal charges.